Cohesive Branding

Developing a cohesive marketing package is essential in maximizing your impact and brand awareness. At SDG we consider your whole marketing package no matter where you are in the development stage. Our process in creating a cohesive brand from start to finish is outlined below but we are able to jump in at any stage and help complete or round out a marketing package.


We need to know about you and your business. What are your goals? How do you see your company and how do you want to be seen? The more we know about your company, the more we can help.

Logo Design

Your logo is the face of your brand. SDG adheres to a simple approach when designing a logo as it should be easily recognizable and easy to reproduce across all modern media platforms. The ultimate goal is to have a demographic realize who they are looking at even if they see a part of the logo.

Color Palette

Again simple is best here and sticking to two or three colors keeps the clutter down. These colors will ultimately be used in your logo in some combination and throughout you marketing package to create a cohesive brand.

Image Theme

The image theme you ultimately choose will be another cohesive element in your brand and marketing strategy. For instance, if you are a tech company, your theme may be digital or industrial to evoke a sense of technology or modern development. Conversely if you produce wood-burning pellets, you may take a more natural approach.

Mission Statement and Talking Points

A marketing campaign is not only a visual representation but an auditory one as well. What you say about your company is just as important as what you make your company look like. SDG can help identify and create effective copy and talking points as we develop your brand.