Email Campaigns (eBlasts)

Whether your company does business with a large volume of customers or just a few trusted colleagues, there is no easier way to inform them of upcoming events, specials and your latest company developments than with an e-mail campaign.

E-mail campaigns are one of the most successful forms of direct mail advertising. In addition, e-mail campaigns are very cost effective compared to other mail ads, because they do not include any printing or mailing costs.

Selle Design Group can add something truly special to your e-mail campaigns. We have the ability to program custom e-mails that represent your company in its best light. We pride ourselves on creating attractive, eye-catching graphics and effective copy.

We can upload your customer list and send personalized e-mails to each individual you wish to target. In addition, we will then monitor the e-mail to observe and report how many recipients open the e-mail and how many do not receive the e-mail. These concrete statistics give you valuable feedback to streamline campaigns and update your mailing list.