clearly define who you are

Market research shows prospective customers form opinions about businesses within the first few seconds of being introduced. It’s like they say: You get only one chance to make a first impression! So developing a cohesive brand package is essential in maximizing your impact on public awareness. At SDG, we consider your whole brand package while working on each element of it — no matter where you are in the development stage. A sketch of our strategy in creating a cohesive brand from start to finish is outlined below, but we can (and often do) jump in at any stage to help complete or improve your marketing package.

brand identity and awareness

Choosing the right colors, fonts, graphics and images may seem simple, but there is much to consider.

For instance: study results suggest that the color blue conveys trust and authority, and is associated with cleanliness and health. It may come as no surprise that blue is the most popular color used in pharmaceutical branding.

The goal of brand creation is to represent your business while targeting your desired demographic. The customer is going to make the decision whether you are successful or not. This means knowing as much as possible about your audience and strategically using graphic design and an effective marketing strategy to connect with the audience and increase your brand awareness.

It is absolutely crucial to develop a cohesive brand that effectively communicates to the targeted audience. Again, you get one chance to make that connection — make it count!



We need to know about you and your business. What are your goals? How do you see your company and how do you want to be seen? The more we know about your company, the more we can help. This is just the beginning. Call us (208) 263-5235 to learn more.


Your logo is the face of your brand. SDG adheres to a simple approach when designing a logo: it should be easily recognizable and easy to reproduce across all modern media platforms. 


Again simple is best — sticking to two or three colors keeps the clutter down. These colors will ultimately be used in your logo and throughout your marketing campaigns to create a cohesive brand.


The image theme you ultimately choose will be another cohesive element in your brand and marketing strategy. For instance, if you are a tech company, your image theme might be digital or industrial to evoke a sense of technology or modern development. Conversely if you produce organic produce or seeds, you may favor a more natural theme.


A marketing campaign is not only a visual representation but an auditory one as well. What you say about your company is just as important as how your company looks. SDG can help identify and create effective copy and talking points as we develop your brand.