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Selle Design Group specializes in the creation of custom publications including magazines, catalogs, newsletters, business reports and brochures. We continually streamline our design, production and printing process to save you time and money while making your business look more professional. 

FEATURED: A selection from Alpaca Culture magazine


sometimes a new concept is just the right thing to bring your publication to life

In this example, we took a product brochure that showed the individual products, but did not feature photos of finished installations. We added large pictures of installed product to show the capabilities of the product on site, rather than just images of the product itself, making this brochure come to life. Now, the viewer connects to the possibilitiesof the product and is perhaps inspired to create something they had not considered at first.



All publications begin with a concept. We listen to what you are trying to communicate, identify your target audiance, plot solutions for fonts, design, tone and style, then create an overall concept for the publication that effectively translates your message to your intended audience.


The visual representation of an idea can be the difference between exciting and capturing a viewer — or losing one. The longer a viewer is engaged, the better chance you have of imparting your message or brand.


Correctly structured, concise copywriting equals professionalism. It sets the tone of your company and, just like good design, can capture or potentially turn off your audience. Professional writing and editing makes all the difference.


Building flawless files is the goal. You get one shot to get it right. We have developed a process of critiques and checks to make sure the file that is sent to the printer is done right! It’s also very important to use a trusted printer and communicate effectively with them. It can make all the difference.


There are many moving parts in the process of creating custom publications and brochures. Keeping track of design, copy, layout, printer quotes, collecting material, scheduling and coordinating — it all takes professional project management. Our experienced team can handle it!