We believe in creating cohesive, effective branding combined with strategic market placement to increase brand awareness. When designing or creating marketing packages, we constantly scrutinize the development process to hone the final product into a clear and concise concept.


We want to learn about your business and find out what makes you unique. What is your business directive, your demographic and what do you want to accomplish with your overall marketing package? What is your mission and how do you want people to see your company? How do you talk about your company and what are the main talking points you like to emphasize about your business? What are your current and long-term business goals? The more we know about you, the better we are able to use our talents to help you achieve your ultimate goal in design and marketing.


What does your company need to realize your marketing goal? Where are you in creating your branding package? Do you need a logo, business cards, a website, support printed material, show displays or everything? By working with your needs and within your budget, we can help maximize the material you need into a well-organized and effective branding package.


After we have a strategy in place, we start working on design and development of anything that is needed. We keep the basic brand strategy in mind at all times to keep the message cohesive — from logo to take-away cards to websites. Your look should be as unique as your company and we work hard to make sure we deliver. After initial development, we work with you to iron out any details and finalize the project(s).

Presentation, delivery and launch

When the work passes final scrutiny, we initiate the launch of the work at a strategic point to maximize your presence to your demographic. This may be a tidal wave approach, launching all material at once and flooding the marketplace, or a time-released launch to maximize exposure over time, depending on your goals. We are here to help you achieve your potential and hope to continue our relationship for many years.