Website Design & Development + SEO

At Selle Design Group (SDG) our motto is “understanding and strategic planning before building.” That means first – we listen! We familiarize ourselves with your company and the goals you want to achieve. We offer our talents, experience and knowledge and work with you to design a user-friendly website to achieve your desired outcome – whether that is a sale, a function, or a message that you want your users to understand about your company. A well thought out, strategic design sets the scene for everything else to follow.

Website Platform

We build websites using WordPress. WordPress is the widest used open-source platform offering excellent versatility and a user-friendly interface. But not all WordPress developers are built equal. We know this platform inside and out. From simple presentation websites to e-commerce solutions to reservation systems to data entry and display interfaces, our ability to develop on this platform is unlimited. Need something custom outside of this platform? We can do that too. Ask us.

Website Template Development

Unlike other “web developers” who simply purchase pre-made templates and tweak them, we create your website template from scratch. We build only what’s needed and keep the code and plug-ins as light as possible. The SDG protocol employs meta tags, graphic elements and copywriting to optimize and enhance your index profile. Over time, this helps produce better organic search results on search engines like Google. This also creates more reliable functionality as servers and other sources that interact with your website update their code.

Pre-made templates are code-heavy and often include extra functions and extra lines of code that your company simply does not need. This can shorten the life of your website’s functionality, require continual updates or expose your website to hacks. Ask us why.

Website Development

SDG builds your website on a staging server that remains hidden from the public eye and from search engines during the build. Our web development team will code and test all pages to ensure proper display and functionality on desktop computers and personal devices. You will get a real-time preview of your website during the process and be able to provide feedback on the web design and feel before we launch. We offer enhanced web hosting too. Ask us about it

Website Design and Marketing

At Selle Design Group, we consider website design to be about fifty percent of the challenge. You can design the perfect website, but if no one sees it, then what good is it doing?

As we create a user friendly web design, we consider programming and other strategies to increase your sites potential on the internet. Visit our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) page to see how we can optimize your website so that more pages get indexed effectively and you appear in the top search results.