graphic design & illustration

the art of marketing

When design elements of your brand package are prepared by experienced graphic design professionals, it creates a favorable lasting impression and helps increase your brand awareness.

The goal of good graphic design is to clearly communicate a message through the use of well-designed graphic elements combined with effective copy.

Viewer retention is the ultimate goal of good graphic design. The longer someone looks at your website, advertisement or brochure, the greater your chances of a desired outcome. That can translate to increased sales, brand awareness or influence.

viewer retention

There are many nuances to the layout of a marketing piece that can help retain viewer attention and evoke a feeling or connection. At Selle Design Group, we consider everything! Use of color, effective copywriting, image themes and composition.

If you have ever found yourself looking at an advertisement for an extended period of time and you don’t know why — the message isn’t really applicable to you — it is most likely due to good design. The eye can’t help but move through a well-designed ad.

And that is what we are looking for — viewer retention! The longer someone looks, the more effectively you are creating brand awareness and possible sales conversions.

EXAMPLE: When you look at the picture of the woman watching the screen, where does your eye go first – her face? It’s hard for your eye to stay there though. Does it move to the light, then the red dot? Do you notice your eye moving around the picture?


Need to make an impactful statement or presentation? Custom ilustration can help clearly emphasize a point, bring a concept to life and even introduce a concept. 

  • Infographics
  • Building concepts
  • Stylized conceptual pieces