Considering website design and development

There are many aspects to creating and developing an effective website. The decision to create a website for your business should not be taken lightly or entrusted to the hands of a friend or family member who knows “a little” about how to get your business online. This is, after all, your business and your livelihood.

Just having a website that looks good is not enough. It is important to have a well designed website that is user friendly and easy to navigate, but that is perhaps fifty percent of the equation.

The first rule of getting customers is: get them in the door. They aren’t going to find you because your website looks good. They are going to find you by searching for your type of business, then clicking through to your website. If your website is not being properly indexed by search engines such as Google and placed in the upper results of a a search result, then your potential clients are going elsewhere.

This is where using a professional is essential. At Selle Design Group, we know how to program your website efficiently keeping your website code “light” and streamlined. We also know how to arrange your code and the language to maximize the effectiveness of your website. This allows index bots from search engines such as Google to easily read and index your website properly. In turn your website will appear higher on the organic search results for the keywords and phrases you want to be found under.

Your design and navigation becomes important once a user clicks on your link in the search results. If your website does not speak to the viewer instantly and easily lead them to what they are looking for, then the viewer might move on to the next result on the search result list. Your site must be appealing and present multiple selections, or features, and a simple, effective navigation to the final destination.

People today want what they want, when they want it. It is our job to make sure that that opportunity is there. If you are considering a new website or a makeover for your existing website design, call us to see how we can make a difference. 208-263-5235.