Hiring a creative team vs. an in-house graphic designer?

Are you getting the level of expertise you want for your company? Ever consider the difference between employing an in-house graphic designer compared to outsourcing and hiring an entire team of design and marketing professionals? In-house employment limits your ability to fill all the roles that are necessary to create and implement a professional, successful brand package and to increase the awareness and effectiveness of that brand. One in-house graphic designer incurs hidden costs like:

  1. Equipment and taxes
  2. Space and taxes
  3. Increased insurance costs
  4. Increased management responsibilities and costs
  5. Increased costs and problems associated with employees.

Plus when hiring one in-house graphic designer that is what you get – just one designer – who may or may not be proficient in writing, marketing, packaging, shopping for and saving on production costs etc.

With today’s technology, distance and communication is becoming more and more invisible. Especially when you have a responsive team that is in synch with your company. A single individual can cost a company more than 100k a year when considering salary plus the hidden costs listed above. It is always beneficial to evaluate an annual branding and marketing budget and weigh that against the need for in-house employment vs hiring a team that is dedicated to providing the services you need.

There are many other benefits to hiring a team including:

  1. Redundancy – your project doesn’t get lost or put on pause due to one individuals status.
  2. Higher quality work due to access to professional specialists (such as writers or marketing) vs one individual
  3. Better efficiency
  4. More knowledge. Avoiding known pitfalls can save your company a lot of money
  5. Better pricing on production
  6. Less overhead and less responsibility and possible on-site problems

Selle Design Group specializes in business to business service, and is capable of working with medium and larger companies to fulfill the creative and production role as needed. Our team of designers, marketing experts, writers and production specialists are here to help your company excel at what you do while leaving the details of your brand package and increasing your brand awareness to us.