Keep Your Website Currrent

Keeping you website up-to-date is more important than ever right now. There have been many PHP upgrades over the past few years which means that the server where you website is hosted may be using a more advanced version of PHP than your website is using. This can become a problem when one is trying to communicate with the other and can even cause certain functions of your website to stop working.

We have run into this problem on occasion with e-mail functionality and in other instances with forms and interactive functionality. If you are using open software such as Joomla, WordPress or Drupel it is best to stay current. That means if you are using version 2.5 and version 3 is available you should consider upgrading. The reason these new versions are created is to keep up with the latest version of software being generally used on servers and the internet for communication. Increased functionality is another benefit.

The second area of concern today is using a responsive template. (see Responsive Website Design) Google has begun announcing they will no longer give favorable placement to websites that do not offer a mobile friendly website. Why? Because over 80% of people using the internet have a smart phone or tablet. We are in a post PC world and more and more people are interacting with the internet using these devices. It is imperative to offer these users a reasonably easy and attractive interface experience when they visit your website. If you don’t then the information on your website may not give Google’s users the information they are searching for in a layout where they can access it easily. Google is a company that provides their users access to website that contain accessible information that corresponds with what the Google user is typing into the search bar. If your website cannot offer Google’s users this information then Google will not give you a favorable rating or placement on the search results list. This can translate into loss of web traffic and loss of money.

Creating and maintaining a website that generates a revenue stream takes time and money when it is done right. The web is not just an easy throw a website up and they will come. Like any other marketplace you have to work for your customer base and work hard. You also have to continually invest in your website as you would a storefront or office space. The potential for the internet is still huge but it is imperative to keep current.