Post Covid 19 Marketing

As America and the rest of the world gets vaccinated, life will eventually return to the way things were before this pandemic hit. But not all things will return to normal. Over the past year, we have all learned that with today’s tech, we don’t need to rely on location as much as we thought we did to perform work and to acquire goods and services that we need. They can be ordered or performed across the internet through various apps. Selle Design Group has been working this way for years – most of our clientele is not regional.

Will physical marking be completely replaced by digital? Probably not. We are communal beings and interaction will always have its place. But a digital presence has never been more important than over the past year. Selle Design Group has been working with many clients to upgrade their web presence and how they are reaching people. The need to replace lost income from offerings like tourism have given way to virtual experiences and then to some sort of income stream like a store.

The story has always been important but more so today than ever. People want to experience. They want to know where their products come from. Purchases are reflecting more and more conscious decisions towards quality rather than low price. But quality has to be backed by the story of origin and the explanation of why quality products are better than their cheaper counterparts.

Developing your story and creating your brand can be difficult tasks. Some will simply throw together what they can in hopes of hitting the mark. But using professionals who can help you develop your story, your talking points, your theme and your entire branding package can increase your quality of presence to those you really want to reach. And in doing so may help you achieve the sales you are looking for.