Rebranding your company: Do I just need a new website?

When you come to decide that you no longer think your branding package represents your company, you have to take careful steps to ensure that you don’t confuse your existing clients. If your brand is associated with a product or good it can be a very difficult project to update your brand and it is often a bad idea. However, you can nudge your logo and brand towards a new look by keeping certain elements consistent with the older brand. If a complete makeover is desired – and this can happen – the best solution is what we call tidal-wave branding. With this method, you get all your marketing material changed over to the new look and you release it all at once. The idea here is to be consistent across the board with your brand and to drive the new look home. Make an event out of it to reinvigorate your customer base and your team. Announce it and make sure you cover EVERY advertising medium. Your website, brochures, business signs, business cards, letter head, social media outlets everything. When you are representing your company to the world it is very important to have your brand be cohesive. Anything floating around with your old logo is not doing you any good so you need to hunt down the existence of everything you can and replace it with your new look. Cohesive branding and increasing brand awareness is something we take very serious at Selle Design Group and if you need help give us a call.