Responsive Website Design

Is your website design responsive? That is, does it automatically adjust to display correctly on a tablet or phone? The picture at left demonstrates a responsive website design. As the website gets smaller (right) items are stacked and the menu becomes a drop down menu.

Let’s face it, we are in a post PC world and a majority of people use a tablet or smaller personal device (i.e. phone or ipod) to access their digital information and the internet. Due to space limitations these devices cannot display a full webpage that offers an easy interface and interactivity with users. Often times, users have to perform all sorts of zoom ins and zoom outs just to login or access areas of websites.

Responsive website design offers a more user friendly experience. The layout of the site adjusts to a more simplified version of the website on smaller devices where a user may scroll to see individual elements. This is desired because the user will not experience hard to read text or impossible to click links.

Websites that do not adjust responsively have a couple of problems. When users come across old school websites that are not responsive they may choose not to spend much time there and move on. Also, google recently has been notifying website owners that if their website is not compliant with smaller devices they will adjust your “rank” or where you appear in google searches accordingly. This pretty much means that you will fall in the rankings.

Why is this important. Let’s go back to the numbers. A majority of people use personal electronic devices to access their digital information and the web. That means these devices are more important to market to than desk based computers. All formats are important but most people are using smaller devices. If you are not offering those users an easy-to-use interface you may be loosing traffic and conversions.

If you have a website and it is not responsive please call us to determine what would be the best move forward for your personal or business website.