Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local search engine optimization is the practice of strategically controlling the physical content of your website. This means generating a list of keywords that are appropriate for your business, developing effective copy that uses these keywords throughout the website and executing strategic programming using the same keywords.

The idea of local search engine optimization is to optimize the structure of your website so that search engines can easily index it.

Please note that off-site search engine optimization takes into consideration your entire digital presence. Not just your website.

Effective Copywriting

Copywriting can make or break a website in terms of Local search engine optimization. Poorly written copy not only can have a negative effect on the viewer but can be a detriment to your site in the eyes of search engines. The primary goal of your website is to relate to the user of your site. If they can’t understand what your site is about or have trouble understanding what you need them to understand about your product or service then your website is failing.

This same thing is true with search engines. They read copy a little differently than humans but the goal is the same. They try to understand what your site is about so they can index your web pages into their database to display your information when someone types in a related search.

It is very important to develop copy that is equally aimed at both the human and web bot visitors to your site. Selle Design Group’s copywriting team employs techniques that can help your site achieve an optimized status and relate to both the human and web bot elements.