Web Design: Above and Beyond

Can a good web design be simply judged by the way it looks? If we are ONLY talking about the design then – yes, that is possible. But websites are created to serve a purpose so they must be functional. And they must produce the desired results (i.e. product, or contact conversion). If you are considering or rebuilding your website, here are a couple things to keep in mind that a website must contain.

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  1. Great Design
    • A website needs to be attractive, intuitive, easy to disseminate and easy to navigate. This includes all elements: graphics, images, copy and programming. Design is artistic but there is science to design as well. How do you present your products. Where do yo place them. What information does a beer need to know and how clearly is that presented in the purchase corridor. Do you have a purchase corridor? A website is often taking the place of a brick and mortar business and should be treated as such. The design of the website needs to play into the psychology of consumers or those seeking information. How you present your continent and the quality of your content can make a huge difference in use retention and conversions.
  2. Local search engine optimization (SEO)
    • A website must contain SEO optimized copy and a strategic programming protocol to facilitate indexing by search engines. Local SEO is like tuning up your automobile engine. You want to make sure your website is optimized so it can efficiently interact with the internet and, more importantly, the search engines.
  3. Analytics
    • If you are going to the trouble of building a website then you need to use that powerful tool to help you collect data about your demographic and the behavior users display. Analytics can give you powerful insight into your strategy and it can be used to help build a clientele database.

Selle Design Group has created hundreds of websites. We know what works and the pitfalls to avoid for your website to be attractive to users, maintain user retention and maintain a shelf-life so you are redesigning your website every time servers update their system software.

We have a proven SEO protocol that will help your business appear well in organic searches on search engines like Google. When we build your website we employ that protocol to ensure that you website is ready for the competitive marketplace.

Lastly we have helped many companies develop a branding package and then put that brand to work. We know how to effectively employ a website’s analytics to help boost the presence of your website and develop possible strategies to help improve sales or capture more contacts.