Website design, development and maintenance

We have been experiencing a lot of clean up work for clients who had an initial build completed and the final result was less than desirable. It appears that many website “developers” are using basic templates and build methods that are not savvy to ongoing updates and possible plug-in expiration problems.

Using an out-of-the-box template is a quick way to get a website built, but it can be problematic after time. Templates are built on set language and often use multiple plugins. The language of these templates and plugins can fall out of date as the platform they are built on or the server where the websites is hosted update versions of PHP.

There are constant updates to open source platforms to keep them current in response to known hacks or functionality with known server issues. Usually a briefly and well-coded template is less susceptible to potential compromise. Using heavy coded plugins and templates not only complicates reliability and compatibility, it can slow your website down as well.

Talk to us about a custom template that will provide a longer shelf life between updates to your website. Your website will live longer, function better and will cost less over time.