Website Design In Open Source

Website design in open source software such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupel is becoming more popular than it has been. There are many versions of open source software and they can be very helpful in creating a multi-functioning website. These platforms offer many plug ins, modules and components that are pre-written to save time and effort but they are not as easy to use as some make them out to be. Since these outlying extensions are built by various programmers, the language can vary and the software they call upon to function can actually conflict with other software or the same software when installed multiple times.

This is why it is still very important to use an experienced website designer and developer to create a website that not only looks good and navigates well, but operates well on the internet. Google and other indexing sites continue to change the way they rate websites and it has been suggested that page speed can be a determining factor. If your pages are loading extremely slow you may be loosing potential viewers. I know when I go to a website and it takes too long to load I am usually moving on down the list to the next website.

Developing your own website is possible but it has been my experience that when someone does try to develop their own website they either spend their entire life for the next two months doing so and they end up with something that they really didn’t want. Your time is important and the old saying of do what you know has never been more true in website world.