Don’t drop in ranking! Google mobile-friendly algorithm update

Google announced on the Webmaster blog that they are going to be boosting the effects of the mobile-friendly algorithm they launched back on April 21, 2015. The update is supposed to begin taking place in May of 2016 and it increases the effect of the mobile ranking system initiated in April of 2015 which was nicknamed mobilegeddon.

Basically, this algorithm asses websites and ranks them according to their availability to mobile devices. If you haven’t updated your site to a responsive template or made other adjustments to make your website mobile friendly, Google will reduce your page rank compared to other websites. This could result in loss of views to your website as over 70% of users currently use mobile devices.

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Website Design In Open Source

Website design in open source software such as Joomla, WordPress and Drupel is becoming more popular than it has been. There are many versions of open source software and they can be very helpful in creating a multi-functioning website. These platforms offer many plug ins, modules and components that are pre-written to save time and effort but they are not as easy to use as some make them out to be. Since these outlying extensions are built by various programmers, the language can vary and the software they call upon to function can actually conflict with other software or the same software when installed multiple times.

This is why it is still very important to use an experienced website designer and developer to create a website that not only looks good and navigates well, but operates well on the internet. Google and other indexing sites continue to change the way they rate websites and it has been suggested that page speed can be a determining factor. If your pages are loading extremely slow you may be loosing potential viewers. I know when I go to a website and it takes too long to load I am usually moving on down the list to the next website.

Developing your own website is possible but it has been my experience that when someone does try to develop their own website they either spend their entire life for the next two months doing so and they end up with something that they really didn’t want. Your time is important and the old saying of do what you know has never been more true in website world.

Alpaca Culture magazine Volume 3-4

Selle Design Group just put out another edition of Alpaca Culture magazine and this one was bit special to us. The stories combined with the imagery really came out nice and presents a very picturesque view of Peru and the alpaca industry as it exists there. We visited the largest alpaca fiber-producing companies and toured their facilities. We also were escorted through many parts of the country where we saw native people working with alpaca fiber and producing some of the most luxurious garments we have ever seen.

Later in the trip we were able to attend a full on fashion show that feature some of the more prominent designers that are working with alpaca. Set in the courtyard of an old colonial mission it was nothing less than spectacular.

After the whole alpaca fiber experience we were able to take some time to ourselves and se more of the country. The highlight was Cusco, the old Incan capital and the surrounding sacred valley. Of course the gem on top was our visit to Machu Picchu. I have seen many pictures of this awesome place place they fail in comparison to being there. We stayed for two days and on the second day climbed the mountain behind the ancient city called Huayna Picchu. Very steep and the way down was a nail biter. But the struggle and views that followed were worth it – aren’t they always!

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International Graphic Design and Marketing

When creating a design or marketing campaign into a foreign country there are considerations that must be taken into account. We just returned from Peru and it reminded me of an old marketing campaign that failed due to translation. The Chevrolet Nova, when marketed into Spanish speaking countries did not do well because the word NOVA translated into English means No Go. Other translation can prove to be more offensive and damaging. For instance in China, the word FOUR should never be used as it sounds like the word for death. References to ghosts, death and dying are never mentioned in this country.

Pictures and colors are another consideration. Certain colors in different cultures can be misconstrued as offensive or to strong. Just as in any campaign, imagery is very important. If you are marketing into China the color of a red bird can be seen as lucky. In Spain, gifts such as knives or scissors are seen to sever a relationship and should never be given as gifts.

So if you are planning to market internationally, which is very easy these days, pay close attention to the message you are sending.

Considering Website Design

When considering what you want your website to look like, always keep the end user in mind. It is your website that you are designing or having designed, but the website is being made and designed not for you but for those you want to visit and interact with the website, so your demographic is very important.

Consider factors like font size (maybe larger for certain audiences), ease of navigation, visual guides and prompts that help the user reach their end goal. What is the end goal you want your customer to reach. There should be a specific roadmap to that goal and if you would like to suggest things along the way that should also be considered.

Grocery stores are laid out a certain way for a reason. The milk, eggs and other products are usually in a similar place throughout stores and that is usually in the back. This is done because these items are the most purchased and to get to them a consumer must pass by a large amount of other items.

In this same thought on sale items or overstocked items are presented up front in large quantities. Seasonal items are displayed in this manner also. Your website can be informational but it is always trying to display some information that is important for the use to see. This is never more important than when you are trying to sell merchandise.

So is design important – ABSOLUTELY! However a sophisticated design may not always be the most effective solution.

Alpacas at Marquam Hill Website

It’s always exciting to launch a new website. This website design was structured to showcase this beautiful ranch in Oregon that breeds some of the nations best alpacas.

This website design features a content management software package that allows the user to manage their content. We also did a full SEO package to make this website rank in google organic searches.

This website also feature a custom software developed by Selle Design Group to easily manage animal entries. Once the animals information is entered and saved, the animal is displayed on a category landing page with other alpacas and a detail page is created automatically. It is important to have all this content on your own site to gain SEO benefits.

The next step for this website is a fully integrated shopping cart that will feature items from the ranches store. They carry many products made from alpaca. If you have not worn alpaca, do yourself a favor and buy something from their store. It is a bit higher in price than basic wool but the lightness and the smooth texture are well worth it. It is truly one of the finest fibers on earth.

Click here to visit the site.

Cameron Holt Book – A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre

We received our shipment of Cameron Holt’s book, A Definitive Guide to Alpaca Fibre. We were honored to play a part in copy editing, design layout and the production of Cameron’s work.

Cameron is an expert in fiber and has been working in the fiber industry for most of his life – first with sheep then with alpacas. He has worked to develop judging standards here in the United States, Australia and England. He currently just returned from Norway where he lectured to that industries sprouting interest.

If you have ever wanted to know more about alpacas and the characteristics of their fleece, this book is a great place to start.

Click here to learn more or to purchase the book.

If you should ever have need of publishing books or any mutli-page documents, Selle Design Group has the experience and expertise to see your job through to completion.

Alpaca Culture Magazine’s 10th Edition

Alpaca Culture Magazines has shipped it’s tenth edition. Working on multi-page projects gets no better than this – putting together a magazine that ships to more than ten countries. Alpaca Culture Magazine is the voice of the international alpaca industry and we here at Selle Design Group are proud to publish the magazine.

This November representatives of Alpaca Culture will be going to Peru as gusts of the Peruvian Government to attend the Alpaca Fiesta. Leaders from all over the world will be attending amking this one of the biggest alpaca events of the year.

Visit the Alpaca Culture website to learn more and to fall in love with these wonderful animals.

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Artists’ Studio Tour Brochure Design

We recently finished the design of the Artists’ Studio Tour Brochure. This event is held every summer in Sandpoint, Idaho and attracts visitors from the surrounding areas. Guests are invited to tour the local artists’ working studios. We completed the brochure a couple weeks ago. We also redesigned and launched their website free of charge to help support this event.

Check out their website and view the brochure design for more information at

Social Media: how to (and not to) use it.

Social networking (i.e. Facebook, etc.) can be a very powerful tool for your business. Are you using it? If so are you using it beneficially or detrimentally? Marketing your business socially rather than with a direct business approach is a fine art. Let us help you make the best of your social networking marketing decisions.